Every now and then elsewhere in the web something we're following gets published. 
Here's a look..
*Backstory Blurb* Some very contradictory quotes come from folks defending the county but at least we got some coverage here. 
Greenbaum Named Chairman Emeritus Party Elections Challenged
Long-time Democratic Leaders Departure met with Praises and Criticism/
Charles Walker Headline Young Democrats Event
*Backstory Blurb* So this one is very interesting because even though the media new about our issues well before they started reporting it took repeated attempts to get any interview and when they finally heard us they ran positive pieces about Lowell twice as much as they ran us and as you can see only a few seconds of our hour+ long interview with citations was featured. Ultimately, the reporter told us it was the producers who made these calls...
This one just scratched a lot of heads.
Mind the comments section. 

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