Augusta's Progressives for Democratic Reform has organically evolved out of the need for informed voters to lead action and discussion at the community leadership level. In so few months our membership has met each week to reform local political structures, become members of partner organizations, held rallies and functions making our voices heard directly, and grown the progressive movement like never before in the CSRA. Joining is easy so don't hesitate to become an active participant and continue making history with us!

  • 08/17/16 Progressives for Democratic Reform is formed

  • 08/19/16 Guests are threatened by Chair Greenbaum to leave nominating committee meeting with calls to the police

  • 12/14/16 RCDC election first time guests who've applied for membership were denied

  • 01/11/17 Second time. No membership list presented. 

  • 02/8/17 First time new members are added and requests for membership list are denied. "Policies and Procedures" introduced prohibiting recording and threatening removal for dissenters.Still no membership list presented.

  • 03/8/17 More new members added, first instance of a district designated full. Still no member list to corroborate. First time it was admitted that their aversion to new members was because of fear that new folks sought to take over. 

  • 04/12/17 LGBT Caucus inquiry presented to cursing and argument on behalf of Lowell Greenbaum. Membership list promised some time in the summer. 

  • 05/10/16 Latinx Caucus created. It was revealed that a Bylaws committee was formed at some point and would not be having open meetings.

  • 7/12/17 Membership list, first revealed by county, shows evidence of names switching from member to at large, incorrect districts, and tampering with terms. 

Progressives for Democratic Reform Founded 2016

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